British company Trans Capital Corporation, Ltd. invites private investors from Britain, America, Asia and Europe, international financial institutions, credit institutions, leasing and insurance companies, foundations and various international companies, whose activities are directly or indirectly related to financial activities, for cooperation, partnership, networking and establishing partner relations in order to implement opportunities, expand sales markets, to increase profitability and prosperity.

We cooperate with well-known European insurance companies. When  investing projects both in the UK domestic market, and in the markets of the CIS countries our company has the ability to provide  investors, creditors and producers of goods and services with these companies’ insurance of various financial risks associated with the provision of additional guarantees to investors both in the form of insurance financial risk of  transience of capital invested in a particular project and the bank guarantees for crediting  or investing a project on the  markets  of CIS countries, which minimizes the financial risk of investing business projects.

As well we point out that the investment income on the projects in CIS countries is much higher than on projects in European countries, this indicates a higher profitability of investments for a prospective investor.

With financial risks insurance made by known European insurance companies, or with bank guarantees from TOP – 25 financial institutions, a potential investor obtains an additional safeguard on their invested capital repayment, despite the possible risks arising before borrowers who  do business involving  foreign capital investors.

At present the company has a lot of highly profitable business projects both in Europe and in the CIS countries, the required amounts of investment capital for which are 300 000 $ 50 000 000 $.

The annual income from the investment of these projects, particularly in CIS countries such as Ukraine is more than 15% per annum.

Honest business, open communication with a potential client, a private investor, future partner or companies’ representatives seeking for cooperation with our company, at all stages of cooperation or consulting  - is the main rule of our company.

Our mission - is your success!