Our Team

Professional team - is an important part of our company. We appreciate those who work with us, and involve to collaboration well-trained, talented and enthusiastic people.   


Vasyl Vafik

Vasyl Vafik is Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Trans Capital Corporation    

He has held this position since the company’s founding in April 2012. Prior to TCC, Vasyl worked for major Ukrainian and international companies at the executive positions. He has also extensive experience in development and finance.     




Olga Kalion

Olga Kalion is the Head of Investor Relations Department

She organizes concept development of the internal and external company’s policy in the fields of investor relations and financial institutions.





Dr. Stephen Lo

    Legal Advisior in Financing and Monatization of financial instruments.

Affiliate member of CILEx

Deal with clients to answer their different request and to establish the key of financial instrument include to monetization Top 500 banks World of ranking (Standby Letter of Credit & Bank Guarantee by MT 760, DLC MT 700 and Bank Draft MT 110).

Email :  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Kolgushkin Nikolay 

Economic security division manager

Engages enforcement of the company`s financial and economic security. Organizes and takes package of measures directed toward the minimization of company risks on loan and investment granting. Studies financial position, business reputation, credit history of individuals and legal entities. Examines reliability of information, provided by prospective borrowers. Examines mortgage security. Identifies the reasons of loan arrears and troubled assets and takes measures directed toward such debt retirement.

Engages borrowers search, search of collateralized property with the purpose of implementation of practical measures on troubled loans settlement. Comes into contact and keeps in touch with government, law bodies, banks, commercial entities with the purpose of cooperation.


Sergey Koltsov

Sergey Koltsov is a Customer Relations Manager

He is in charge of client base expansion and potential customer acquisition. He defines customer needs, their level and purposes.