Project financing – invest credit

Trans Capital Corporation Ltd.,offers unsecured credits to legal entity and to the individuals for buying fixed assets, modernization and reconstruction of manufacturing, creating new productive capacity, constructing residential properties and commercial real estate, adjunction of working capital. 

Receiving of an unsecured credit   doesn’t call for surety of a third person, who ensures return of a credit to the creditor in time, also there is no pledge in any form needed from a borrower.

The main condition to get an unsecured credit by a client is to have his own money on the tune of not less than 3.5% from the whole sum of a credit (loan).

Conditions for obtaining an unsecured credit (loan):

Sum of credit

from 500,000.00 USD up to 5,000,000.00 USD

Credit currency

Dollar USA/Еuro

Interest rate

8-10% annual

One-time commission

A client pays 3.5% from a sum of a credit (loan) after concluding a credit (loan) agreement. It is used to insure financial risks of a creditor.

Term of credit

Up to 1 year with the right to prolong up to 5 years  


 There is no bail

Approval term 

1 week; it could be solved previously during 3 days without office meetings, if a client sends a business plan or a feasibility study on email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The order of lending

During 14 days after concluding a credit (loan) agreement via bank to bank payment МТ 103.

Repayment schedule

By agreement with a client

Requirements to the borrower:

- A citizen of any country, aged 25-45 years, who is constantly getting an income and is ready to provide with all documents and references, if needed;

- The term from the official registration of a company –not less than one year;

- The experience in crediting – not less than one year.

Necessary documents:

- A business plan or a feasibility study;

- A borrower’s passport copy in color or a passport copy of a director of a borrower’s company;

- Client Information Sheet per sample;

- The decision of the shareholders of the company to get a credit (loan);

- The other documents should be given after a business plan or a feasibility study will be improved,if needed.

The modern reality is that it’s impossible to do anything without borrowed funds.

You can read more about the draft of the loan agreement here Loan Agreement

If you have any other questions concerning getting an unsecured loan (credit), please contact representatives of TCC: E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; Skype: trans_capital